Исхудавшая Анджелина Джоли отметила праздник с особенным человеком The famous actress spent the evening in a trendy restaurant in the company of beloved Maddox. The Hollywood star did not change myself and chose a stylish dress favorite black. Fans of Angelina Jolie noticed that she looked exhausted.
Исхудавшая Анджелина Джоли отметила праздник с особенным человеком

Sunday, may 14, the whole world celebrated mother’s Day. Actress Angelina Jolie is no exception. Hollywood star decided to spend a special evening in the company of a loved one – a 15-year-old Maddox.

Angelina and her heir decided to dine in one of the trendy restaurants of Los Angeles. For the evening in the company of the son of the actress chose a black lace dress and dress shoes to match. Reporters noted that celebrity looked exhausted and as if skinny. As for Maddox, he preferred a more contemporary style of clothing.

Note that in the West the tabloid rumors about the alleged new fascination with Angelina Jolie. Insiders report that the Hollywood star had an affair with an influential British businessman. It is alleged that he is crazy about celebrities and set up very seriously.

Исхудавшая Анджелина Джоли отметила праздник с особенным человеком

How to assure anonymous sources close to Angelina, a mysterious businessman willing to adopt a child together with beloved. “Angie always desperately wanted another baby, but brad was against it, because they thought their family is already complete”, – quoted correspondents insider. The new lover of Jolie supports her decision.

At the same time, the actress does not intend to completely break off relations with her ex-husband. Not long ago, the Hollywood star purchased one of the most expensive mansions in Los Andezhelesa. New home Angelina Jolie is adjacent to the house of brad pitt. Celebrities are separated by a distance of only three kilometers. According to journalists, the artist has taken such a step to the ex-spouse been able to communicate with children who miss their father.

Last week the media also appeared information about the fact that Angelina Jolie and brad pitt allegedly secretly Dating. According to journalists of the tabloids, the ex-wife of hiding their meetings from children in order not to confuse them. A source close to the pair claims that brad still has feelings for angelina, and she could not resist his pressure.

Note also that in the beginning of may, pitt gave a candid interview to GQ magazine in which first told about the divorce with Jolie and the fight for children. The actor did not hide his problems with alcohol, which, as it was rumored, and broke up his family. During the conversation with reporters brad stated that currently he does not drink spirits. “I was down” – brad pitt for the first time about divorce and the fight with Angelina Jolie