По коже читаем: 57-летняя Мадонна омолодила руки

Now, the actress proudly shows off its feminine tassels.

All women know that you can hide crow’s feet, cover up dark circles under the eyes and signs of fatigue and even using Foundation funds to do the lifting make-up, but you will be given hands! Some experts believe that hand can be considered the age of the woman, therefore, experienced cosmetologists have come up with an unusual procedure for hand rejuvenation.

Well, actually, not only the face to rejuvenate. Here and Madonna, who regularly goes to the beautician, pulling all the parts of your face to throw 10-15 years, always suffered from their hands. Dry, with bulging veins, and sagging skin, the brush constantly gave the popular singer.

Therefore, we could not miss the pictures, which the artist without gloves, long sweaters and chunky jewelry demonstrates the brush.

While walking around the city Madonna caught vrasploh the public, and hiding from the cameras, the singer almost proudly displayed their hands.

The specialist told edition of Woman’s Day, as 57-year-old Madonna has managed to rejuvenate your hands.

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Olga Shemonaeva, plastic surgeon, full member of the society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons of Russia (charge):

— The photos show that, most likely, Madonna resorted to lipolifting extremely popular to date procedure in plastic surgery, when correction of the soft tissues of the patient comes at the expense of its own fat. Due to the fact that the operation is performed a patient without adding any chemical elements, fat is well absorbed, eventually manages to achieve a wonderful effect. I think that for best results the singer also took a course of plasmolifting and mesotherapy for hands that helped to tighten and lighten the skin.

Treatments for skin at different ages

In 20 years, the skin produces collagen, so care during the year is enough to put on a night moisturizer with the addition of, for example, argan oil that nourishes the delicate skin. In autumn and winter, do not neglect gloves and extra nourishing creams to eliminate chapping and obezvozhivanie skin.

In 25 years I recommend once a week in the salon and at home to make easy Spa treatments: peels, paraffinotherapy. Also work great hand mask: moisturizing mask is applied on the skin, then put on plastic gloves, the hands are placed in warm (gloves), enough 15 minutes to feel the effect of the procedure. Also do not forget about moisturizing cream for the night.

In 30 years in the care of the skin also are focused on salon/home treatments, peelings, masks, moisturizing hand cream. In addition, you can add mesotherapy, biorevitalization, injections of collagen or PRP. Injections should discuss with your beautician and choose individual options.

In 40 years of care largely depends on the condition of the skin. If the skin are pigmentation, small wrinkles, you can apply the procedures based on laser, which is aimed at removing the top layer of the skin.

After 45 years it is already possible to consult a plastic surgeon for the procedure lipofilling, which will help to solve the problem of venous hands, thin skin.

But I would like to note that all of the injection hardware and the procedures are shown with 30 years in the individual characteristics of the patient. In my experience, happen patients aged 30-32 years, with which we perform procedures lipofilling of the skin.

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