Skater Yevgeny Medvedev has frankly expressed its dependencies

Фигуристка Евгения Медведева откровенно заявила о своей зависимости World record holder admitted that can not imagine life without social networks. Eugene Medevedev signed on a lot of interesting pages, for updates which checks on a regular basis. Also she every day tells the fans how he spends weekdays.

      Фигуристка Евгения Медведева откровенно заявила о своей зависимости

      Evgenia Medvedeva won the world figure skating Championships in Boston, typing in any program 150,10 points. 16-year-old star of ice broke the world record set earlier athlete Kim Yu-na of South Korea at the Olympic games 2010 in Vancouver.

      “In addition to training and the competitions I have time and see the city, – shares with “Stricom” skater Evgenia Medvedeva. We lived almost in the center, and to the rink we had to go 40 minutes. So I got a bus tour, and were able to walk to the shops, buy yourself a bunch of clothes and sweets.

      I’m a girl, and girls my age. Of course, I have a lot of time is spent on the sport, but I have time to draw pictures, going to the cinema, to chat with friends in a cafe, where often order some dish with shrimp and washed down the whole thing tea milk Oolong.

      Evgeny Medvedev: “gold” for Russia, world fame and comparison with Lipnitskaya

      Just like all the female, love shopping. In everyday life dress up very feminine. Love the shoes on heels and dresses, are interested in decorative cosmetics. Up courses to go once, so learn by video-master classes on instagram. I subscribed to a large number of themed pages. Do not hesitate to admit: I’m addicted to social networks!

      I am often compared to fellow figure skater Adelina Sotnikova. We look externally. I react to it calmly, other people’s opinion is always respected. We know each other, communicate at the meeting, but different.

      In the future, I, like many famous athletes are going to start their own business. Don’t know yet what it will be: maybe the school of make-up, and designer clothes will be. However, it is too early to talk about it. For me now in first place figure skating.”

      By the way, a new star of figure skating is also often compared to her counterpart Yulia Lipnitskaya – she too became a champion at a fairly young age, and became the talk of the world. The marrying of similarities with her sees and recognizes that such an analogy is not to her liking. Medvedev with great admiration watching the work of Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner.

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