Skater Evgenia Medvedeva went from coach Eteri Tutberidze

Фигуристка Евгения Медведева ушла от тренера Этери Тутберидзе The athlete decided to begin a new phase in his career. Director of the Centre for sports and education “Sambo-70” Renat Laishev told the press about it. Soon many colleagues Evgenia Medvedeva hurried to speak over the sudden news.
Фигуристка Евгения Медведева ушла от тренера Этери Тутберидзе

Evgeny Medvedev for the past three years is considered the main Russian figure skater. 18-year-old athlete could become a two-time world champion and won two medals at the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The girl has repeatedly stressed that owe their success to coach Eteri Tutberidze, who all these years were there to support the athlete. However, the loss Medvedeva Aline Sagitova at the Olympics immediately gave rise to rumors about the imminent changes in the professional career of Eugene. Apparently, the star of the Russian team all-taki has made the decision to find another coach.

The first is about the change in career Medvedeva said Renat Laishev, Director of the Centre for sports and education “Sambo-70”, which involved Eugene.

“Eugene stopped working with Eteri Georgievna. Of course, we have this situation is not very much, but Jack plans to continue to work in the “Sambo-70″, but with a different coach. We never had jimali, the school she has good relations, we tried to influence this situation”, – said the man.

Laishev said that this act is wrong. However, he prefers not to get involved in the situation, since it applies only to Tutberidze and Medvedeva. It is known that Alina Sagitova will continue to engage Eteri Georgievna.

Eugene itself has not yet commented on the situation, but her colleagues in the sports community were quick to Express opinions about the current situation. So, Ilya Averbukh called to support the coach and the skater in such a difficult situation.

“I’m in this situation, empathize, I want to support Zhenya and Eteri, they did a lot for each other. This Duo has been close for many years, I am sure that in the heart of Eugene should be only gratitude to the coach. To be sure,” said Averbukh.

Eteri Tutberidze nurtured many talented skaters. She is a specialist in the training of Junior with a big future. Eteri Georgievna and her team worked with Yulia Lipnitskaya, Evgenia Medvedeva, Alina Sagitova. To replace them are Alexander Trusov, Anna Shcherbakova.

Alexei Yagudin has likened the situation Medvedeva about the one he faced during the transition from the team of Alexei Mishin for Tatiana Tarasova. “I have said before, what can’t two people willing to win, to get on the same coach, no matter how he tried to do the right thing”, – said the athlete.

In his opinion, the presence of a team of two equally strong skaters leads to excessive psychological pressure that a young girl simply can not withstand. However, Yagudin expressed the hope that Medvedev will be able to cope with your emotions and break up with a trainer adequately.

It is not known who will occupy the vacant place and will be taken to help Eugene to compete for future awards. According to Russian legislation, the transition to the new skaters coach is supposed to happen during the transfer window, which closes in may. Therefore, Medvedeva, left little choice. While the most obvious candidate for this position looks like canadian Brian Orser, who works with two-time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanoi.

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