SK will once again check the cause of the death of Dmitry Marjanova

СК вновь проверит причину смерти Дмитрия Марьянова
Soon appointed two judicial investigators on the case of the tragic departure of the actor.

Dmitry Maryanov


The investigative Committee has appointed a forensic examination
designed to determine, could the staff of the rehabilitation center
in the suburbs to save the life of the actor Dmitry Maryanova. About TASS reported
senior assistant to the head of the Moscow region GSU IC Olga Vradiy.

conducted two comprehensive forensic examination, a conclusion
which should answer a number of questions that investigators
put before the experts. Including the cause of death,
and was it possible to avoid the tragic consequences
in view of the death of the actor in the case that the staff of the rehabilitation center
called the ambulance when the first complaints of an actor on the bad
well-being,” commented Brady.

We will remind, the actor died in October 2017. Poor health, the artist began to complain
still three days before the tragic departure, but on the morning of his death, he insisted on
getting medical care. The widow of Dmitry Ksenia BIK was talking to my husband
on the morning of 15 October, and that, in her words, complained of leg pain. But staff at the rehabilitation centre, where Dmitry
received nine days before the tragedy persuaded the artist’s wife
for him to come, citing the presence of special instruments for treatment. Later
it turned out that this institution, according to media reports, there is no license for
the provision of medical care, and staff are themselves former patients
clinic the treatment of addictions.