Шестилетний сын Анастасии Стоцкой научился плавать
The singer vacations with children in Crimea.

Шестилетний сын Анастасии Стоцкой научился плавать

Anastasia Stotskaya with children Alexander and Faith

Photo: Instagram

Son of Anastasia Alexander with swimming coach Andrew

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Stotskaya shared wonderful news. Her six-year-old
son Sasha on vacation in the Crimea learned to dive and swim. Useful skills the boy has acquired with the help of a professional trainer.

“Andrew was able to overcome the fear of water
my baby! the happy singer. Yesterday my son was sick — apparently, repurchased,
and then I get too cold under the air conditioner. If we were abroad, I felt
would panic. But in the Crimea, right
on-site medical center. We passed all the tests, and after 10 minutes
got the results. I have never met. Thank you to the wonderful doctors,
by evening, the child became better.” Also the star said that the son
the tooth fell out. A trip to the Crimea Stotsky chose in the first place, due to the three-month
daughter of Faith, deciding that the abrupt change of climate and rest abroad it is not at

It is worth noting that the star loves their children and
trying to do everything in her power to her daughter and son were happy. For example,
Anastasia is very responsible approach to the celebration of the six-year-old birthday
Alexander. Despite the fact that at that time Stotskaya almost all the time
gave a two-month daughter Faith, she with her husband Sergey was invited to the festival Sasha and thirty guests and made a real show.