Сестры Зайцевы едва не напали на Анастасию Волочкову Artist were aggressive on the taping of “actually”. This was told by Anastasia, describing the incident as “trash”. Celebrity did not specify what enraged Tatiana and Elena Zaitsev.

Tatiana and Elena Zaitsev became the heroes of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev. Another invited guest was Anastasia. Shooting transfer is often accompanied by scandals. The same happened this time. The atmosphere in the Studio was heated so that Zaytsev was almost rushed to Volochkova.

After returning from filming, She decided to plunge into the ice bath. The star admitted that he feels sick after broadcast of the TV show. Anastasia did not explain the reasons which have pushed the sisters Zaitsevs publicly Express their emotions. Very soon, said the dancer, the audience finds out about what motivated vocal duet on such an act.

“Winter is the best time for ice font! And today, in this font I need to wash the shooting, which today I was involved… “is actually” on the Ground, Zaytsev sisters… All was well until they got into a fight. Thank God, not me, although I wanted. Came under attack lawyer Konstantin. And his face was splashed a glass of water, which I did these sisters gave, thinking that they want to drink… It was trash. There are no words. In the air all will see… And me water – help!” – said Volochkova.

Fans of Anastasia expressed hope that the release of the program with its participation will show very soon. They told the dancer not to pay attention to such incidents and expressed his admiration for the staying power star. “What passion”, “Yes”, “Beauty”, “wow efirchik”, “Water really washes away all the negativity”, “the horror… the circus,” – commented on the Internet.

Volochkova also posted a photograph in which she is depicted Nude in the pool. According to star, the author of the picture is her friend Michael. Ballerina does not cease to intrigue the public. Fans believe that Anastasia twirled a new novel. Michael always accompanies the celebrity and gives her flowers. “We. Joy. Romance. Love”, – said Volochkova in Instagram, noting the page of Michael.

Valentine’s day Anastasia is also spent in the company of a new boyfriend. Each star has prepared a pleasant surprise – he decorated the space with balloons in the shape of a heart and set the table. The dancer was delighted from the signs of attention from Michael. “Lovely evening!” Anastasia said. In recognition Volochkova, she doesn’t like to be alone. “And you wish for love!” – with these words the celebrity turned to the fans.