Сестры Михалковы похвастались естественной красотой
Anna and Nadezhda refused makeup.

Hope and Anna Mikhalkov

Photo: @Instagram nadiamixalkova Hope Mikhalkova

Anna Mikhalkov and Hope not often obtained spend time together. Movies, and child care eat up almost all of their free time. But sometimes the sisters still have a little hen. The photos, posted them, made just in time for this meeting. The most interesting thing about the published picture is that both sisters appeared without makeup on the face. However, Anna and Hope it even comes.

Incidentally, as you know, the skin of any artist every day are facing serious challenges due to the fact that the Actresses have to constantly apply makeup. However, Anna and Hope, may know the secret of how to keep youth and freshness. Despite the fact that the sisters age difference is 12 years, in pictures they look the same age.

Recall that in a short time Anna and Hope to see you more. Soon Hope is going to become a Director. And the main role in her first movie called “a Lost place,” will play Anna. The producer will be Fyodor Bondarchuk. However, Mikhalkov family requests the Ministry of culture about partial financial support of the project. We are talking about 25 million from the General budget of the movie.

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