Сестры Колисниченко начали общаться с отцом
Eight years ago on the reality show “Dom-2” came sister Kolisnichenko, who did not hide their family problems.

Сестры Колисниченко начали общаться с отцом

The girls told that they were raised by their mother and father they have never seen and do not even tried to find him. On the same day, Yulia told that their dad went out to bond with them, and now they communicate.

Сестры Колисниченко начали общаться с отцом

“He was found by some journalists of one of the Federal channels. Our dad is retired military, an elderly man, over 70 years old, lives in Odessa. We communicate regularly via video link, congratulate each other on holidays. To be honest, at first it was hard to take him as my own, but then found a common language”, – said Julia.

Sisters do not hide the fact that their parents had an office romance, and mother, after learning about the pregnancy, she broke off her relationship with the future father of their children.

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