Sisters Jenner shocked the vulgar outfits

Сестры Дженнер шокировали вульгарными нарядами

Kendall and Kylie Jenner seems to have lost all shame! On one of the private parties, the sisters appeared almost naked.

In the Delilah club in West Hollywood hosted a private party to which granted almost all the family the Jenner-Kardashian. Stars of the celebration were two of the younger women of the clan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Girls (the youngest, Kylie, by the way, only 19) appeared before the paparazzi and guests of the club in a very candid and even vulgar toilets.

Kendall Jenner compared to sister looked more or less decently. Her choice fell on a silver mini dress in the best traditions of 80s: with a deep neckline and an impressive cut on the back. Supermodel new wave complements virtually invisible outfit sandals in Nude and a fur scarf.

Junior, Kylie chose to release a real shock-outfit! 19-year-old girl got out of the limo in a transparent blouse mesh and leather lace-up pants. Fortunately, a laced top was still underwear.

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