Sister’s ex-husband Allegrova called the true cause of his death

Сестра бывшего мужа Аллегровой назвала истинную причину его смерти Sister Igor Cabbage Galina told why her brother died in may of this year. He went to the doctors to pass an examination. But he has failed to help.
Сестра бывшего мужа Аллегровой назвала истинную причину его смерти

In mid-may, the media reported that the ex-husband of Irina Allegrova Igor Kapusta, released from jail last spring, was feeling unwell during the screening in one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg. Professionals to the last struggled for life of the man, but he was not able to save.

The sister of the deceased Galina Cabbage frankly said that he had ruined her brother. According to the woman, tattoo, made in honor of Irene, proved fatal for Igor.

“I spoke with the pathologist. And he came to the conclusion that Igor died from allergies. It had developed after the tattoo, which he did in honor of Irina…” – said Galina.

According to the woman, the last months of his life, Igor has lived in the capital, he began a new relationship. He met on the Internet with the girl Natasha. According to Galina, she first wrote to him.

“It was his reward for all those trials that had to go through. After his release from prison, she first wrote to him: “I am 14 years old I love you!” He tried to dissuade her from a relationship with him. Brother told her, “I’m a sick man. Maybe six months later do a vegetable will be. Who knows what the consequences will turn to this terrible disease!” But she is not scared. They rented a nice apartment in Moscow, lived well. Natasha loved brother constantly reminded him that he needed to take the pills. Igor himself despite severe lung disease, no matter what, never complained. He was a man. By the way, the programs Igor accused that he had not proposed to her. Probably not done because all you know… ” said Kale.

We will remind, ex-husband of Irina Allegrova spent five years in a strict regime colony in the village of Fornosovo in the Leningrad region. He went to jail once in his car police found two kilograms of drugs. At the hearing, Cabbage flatly refused to plead guilty and afraid of a prison sentence.

Igor’s family tried to support him in the difficult period. Sister, according to her, once called Allegrova and asked for help, but the artist refused. Close people still believe that the Cabbage has been framed by a spiteful critics.

Igor and Irina lived in a civil marriage 8 years. Kale worked at the Leningrad music hall, then dancing in the group “Retsital” Alla Pugacheva. After the collapse of the Soviet Union familiar masseuse, advised him to go to Allegrova to work in her team. Then the actor was in a relationship with his common law wife, she was very jealous wife to the singer. One day, after another quarrel, Kale ran away from his wife and got in the car to Irina. Song Allegrova “real” about the case.

Sister Igor said that with the recent love of brother, Natasha maintains a connection. “I’m starting to get the feeling that Igor is always with me. Can’t even get over the fact that he is no more. Sometimes I hear creaking “Igorek came!” Of course, after forty days, I will let him go. I hope that he will be better. There he will meet with our mother, which he always loved,” admitted Galina edition of “Interlocutor”.