Sisters Busova seek support from the father

Сестры Бузовы ищут поддержки у отца Olga and Anna often turn to a parent for advice. Beauties know that daddy will always help and offer the correct solution to any problem. Busova repeatedly told how important to them the opinion of the relatives.

      After the difficult periods in his personal life, relations between family members Bozovich become even stronger. Leading “House-2” many times they shared with the audience the details of her communication with loved ones. They helped the star through a very difficult divorce with the quarterback of the football club “Lokomotiv” Dmitry Tarasov. Parents all over podderzhivaiut and youngest daughter Anna. They are constantly trying to stay connected to your favorite heirs.

      Girls ask my dad more than the mom about it, Olga said in an interview. In addition, sisters are doing it for any reason – they ask for the opinion of Igor Dmitrievich even in matters of appearance. So, Anne sent him a message asking: “Beautiful?” and attached a frame from a recent photo shoot. The man shared the screen screen followers in Instagram.

      Publication the head of the family signed a fairly simple but very touching “Annie, sweetheart you are my clear. Liu”. It is interesting that she decided right there to answer the parent, hinting that now he is one who can appreciate her the way: “Daddy, well, who else should I ask?” To maintain a dialogue between friends on the social network decided, and Olga Buzova. The media personality also asked the father what he thinks about her appearance.

      Fans of sister Olga Buzova discuss her breakup with fiance

      Members Igor Dmitrievich were pricked in their family correspondence. They wrote many messages in the comments, stressing that both the girls are beautiful. Also fans of celebrities said, as amicably relatives cope with some trials trials.

      “Ol, and beautiful and self-sufficient! Well done! Hold on! All you get better! After the black strip appears most often is not a white stripe, and color! Happiness to you!” “You are a gorgeous sister! Beautiful, smart, kind”, “They are with Olga are the best!”, “Olya jealous”, “you Have such beautiful parents can’t be a bad girl” – left feedback in microblog Buzova subscribers.

      However, some Internet users have suggested that the message of Anna was not accidental. Recently fans of the girls discussed her separation from loved ones. Many believe that in recent months relations second halves was bursting at the seams. Perhaps that is why now the star is seeking support and advice from his father. Numerologist: “Anna Buzova she left the civil husband.”