Сестра Егора Крида обвинила финалистку «Холостяка» в неискренности A relative of the singer doesn’t believe in feelings one of the girls. Polina Bulatkina believes that Daria Klyukina is not so innocent as you might think. She believes that the potential bride specifically depicts kindness on camera.
Сестра Егора Крида обвинила финалистку «Холостяка» в неискренности

The sixth season of “the Bachelor” comes to an end. Finalists of the project were Daria Klyukina and Viktoriya Korotkova. Both girls hope that will win in the battle for the heart of Yegor creed.

In one of the latest releases, the artist familiarized the participants with members of his family. His sister Pauline decided to speak out about this meeting and the relationship to Daria Lukinoj. According to cousin creed finalist does not behave sincerely and specifically creates the image of a good and decent person, which is not true.

“She said that Vika is a accessory for men. Tell me, friends, how can people that all believe is absolutely sincere and kind to say about someone, she under one roof, lived for several months? Personally, I nothing about any of the girls do not like talking,” said Pauline.

According to the sister of Yegor, the whole family follow the course of the show, and had already formed an opinion about each member of the project. Apparently, Daria Klyukina absolutely do not like the relatives of the artist. Pauline noted that he had long suspected the girl of insincerity, but only now have irrefutable proof of his conjecture.

“What she said is an insult. And again, for me what we heard today during the broadcast, was a shock. It has confirmed my feelings towards this man,” concluded Pauline during a live broadcast on Instagram.

Recall that Daria Klyukina from the very beginning was considered the main favorite of the season. Yegor repeatedly expressed sympathy for the girl, and she was recognized as the finalist of the artist’s feelings.

However, recently the singer was seen in the company of another female favorite of the season Victoria Korotkova. As a result, fans of “the Bachelor,” opinions about who will win.

In one of the last editions show relatives Yegor bet on Victoria. In their opinion, a girl can become an ideal companion for the popular artist. Daria was also able to get to the finals, and her fans hope that his last meeting with Creed can clarify the situation.

The musician prefers not to comment on what is happening on the show. He has repeatedly admitted that she dreams about true love, but due to a busy schedule can not build a stable relationship.