Sister Serena Williams is accused in the fatal accidents

Сестру Серены Уильямс обвинили в ДТП со смертельным исходом
Venus Williams could be in big trouble.

Сестру Серены Уильямс обвинили в ДТП со смертельным исходом

Recently, Venus, sister, Serena Williams, became the culprit of road
the incident, which
a man was killed. They became the 78-year-old man, who was a passenger in a car which
crashed “cars” tennis player. From
received head trauma the victim died at the hospital. His wife,
who was driving a broken car, received serious injuries and fractures,
however, it is likely to survive. Now
the player faces at least a large fine and even imprisonment.

The culprit of the accident and witness the accident presented
very different versions of what happened. As announced by the lawyer of Venus, it
client allegedly drove into the intersection even on a green light. However, due to the
a large number who were ahead of her machines, she allegedly “just don’t
had time to leave the intersection, and the car the victim drove into
the car is miss Williams”. In this case, the surviving wife of the deceased men describes
the events differently: “She suddenly flew into the intersection and slammed into us at
full speed…”

Yet, according to the preliminary conclusion of the police, the culprit
accident that is recognized as Venus. Fortunately for tennis players, examined
found in her blood, no drugs, no alcohol. Otherwise, it
could get up to 7 years in prison. In any case, the whole story can impact on your career

Venus, of course, not as famous as her sister
Serena, who is currently expecting a child. However, she also rightly
proud of its achievements — Venus seven times won a series of tournaments of “Grand