Sister Sati Casanova survives abroad

Сестра Сати Казановой выживает за границей Cousin of the popular singer getting an education abroad. Madina Casanova dreams of becoming a designer and learn the basics of the profession in Italy. In recognition of the girls, she learned to take care of itself. Madina works as a waiter-a bartender and lives in a rented apartment.
Сестра Сати Казановой выживает за границей

23-year-old Madina – the sister of the singer Sati Casanova. At the moment she lives in Italy, where he studied clothing design. Madina recently gave an interview in which he told about the everyday life in another country, and also about why doesn’t want to follow in the footsteps of cousin and start a career in the music industry.

During the conversation with reporters Casanova admitted that he moved abroad, following the recommendations of loved ones.

“In Italy lives the husband of our sister Svetlana – Batyr Dzakhmishev. He once studied in Italy, and asked me to leave. Svetlana is now a mother of two children and helps her husband build a business here. Before leaving Russia, I took courses in Italian language. I must say that none of the family did not oppose my departure. Now I’m a fashion designer and work in a restaurant as a waiter-barman” – said the girl.
Сестра Сати Казановой выживает за границей

When Madina graduates, she plans to stay in Italy and start to work. She emphasizes that it is only in the plans. According to Casanova, she is now able to provide for themselves. The beauty tries to save and not spend money on a taxi. The sister of the famous singer can easily meet in public transport.

“I live in a rented apartment, take the bus and train,” she shared.

In recognition of the girls, she is surrounded by caring people. “Anything can happen, but mostly good. I have never robbed, though such a stereotype and present,” said she. And once the girl supported a complete stranger. It happened when Madina just moved to another country. Then she went on a tour and spent almost all the money in the shops and cafes. A return ticket had to be purchased at a last resort, but as it turned out, Casanova made a mistake and went the wrong way. A bystander helped Madina financial and in sign language explained to her the road.

In addition, the sister of the famous singer explained why decided not to follow in the footsteps of Sati. She believes that one Casanova on the stage is enough. So Madina prefers only to appear in videos in February came video Balkar artist Astemir Apanasova on the song “spring” where you can see the girl. According to belles, it works together with the mother of the performer. The woman offered a striking brunette to take part in the work on the movie, according to “Express Gazeta”.