Sister Sati Casanova has decided to become a singer

Сестра Сати Казановой решила стать певицей

The sister of the well-known Russian singer Sati Casanova, Mariana decided to follow in the footsteps of his successful cousin and become a singer. Previously she has managed to Shine in several TV projects, and recently she released her first single “Wrist”.

“My dear! Immensely admired and proud of how boldly and defiantly you will realize your talents! Congratulations on the release of their first single, sister! I wish to continue to create a bright, happy, easy!” — congratulated the sister with the debut of Sati.
As you know, 26-year-old sister of the singer for many years danced in the ensemble of folk dances, she was a producer and worked as the Director of Sati.

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