Sister Prince told about the family feud, and the funeral of the musician in August

Сестра Принса рассказала о семейной вражде и похоронах музыканта в августе

The younger sister of the late musician Prince Teak Nelson told the press about family conflicts that raged around his legacy, as well as commented on the last in may a memorial service for her brother and said, when will take place the official ceremony of farewell with the artist.

So, through social networking TIKA turned to the fans Prince and announced that the official farewell to Prince will be held in August this year. Until then, neither she nor other relatives of the artist are not going to attend any of such events, which can be organised by outsiders. “Please don’t misunderstand me, “said Tik. – Everyone experiences grief differently and has every right to do, and therefore I support any events organized in the memory of my brother, which already were or still are. But I’m not going to be there, simply because I have enough of what I’m going through”.

Most likely, so Nelson was asked numerous questions about why she was not present at the event on may 11 in Los Angeles, which was hosted by two ex-wives singer Manuela, Testolini and Meyt Garcia.

Note that the evening called “ACelebration of Life,” then visited many figures of the modern music industry, including Dita von Teese, spike Lee, Gwen Stefani, Nile Rodgers, Larry king and other friends and colleagues of the deceased.

Nelson also said that by August, most likely, the investigation into the cause of death of the Prince is complete, which means you can say goodbye to the musician without any sequels.

Additionally, Thicke commented on the difficult situation that has developed around legacy artist. According to the law, Nelson is first in line for multi-million dollar fortune. In addition, some fraction of applying five half-brothers and sisters of the Prince and Tiki.

Also the singer showed up a few illegitimate children, which, however, are not yet in a hurry to prove the relationship through DNA tests. Note that the corresponding sample from the late musician were taken, because to establish the authenticity of family ties with anyone not present any difficulties.

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