Sister Olga Buzova saves her from depression

Сестра Ольги Бузовой спасает ее от депрессии Recently a relative of a celebrity has commented on the release of her new song “the sounds of kissing.” Anna told about her quarrel with loved ones, and Olga herself spoke about the contradictions and nonsense, which became the cause of her quarrel with his second half. Leading the family tries to support her after a breakup with a loved one.

      Last week, Olga Buzova has introduced a new song, called “the sounds of kissing.” In a short time the composition is known the leading has become one of the most downloaded and discussed online. Fans of Olga congratulated her on the premiere and wished the further creative successes. Recently their opinions about the Heath sisters expressed Anna Buzova. A relative of a celebrity who supports her. According to Anna, Olga does everything right and knows how to be happy, no matter what.

      Olga Buzova poured my heart out: “Nerves stretched”

      Sister leading also made it clear that she is going through a difficult period. Anna hinted at a serious quarrel with Olga once close friends.

      “My favorite girl. Words cannot Express how much I love you, how much proud of you. I am amazed and admire your ability to live, to be happy, to go forward and never look back. I admire your Sunny and infinitely kind, gentle and deep inner peace. I don’t know a single person as strong, purposeful, does not know the word “impossible”. You’re an example to me in many ways. I was lucky with you, I love you. And even if some were, until recently, native people say what they want. You’re a good girl, you’re doing it right! But real, your people are always there,” shared Anna in his microblog Buzova.

      Followers sister of presenter also found that the song “the sounds of kissing” was very catchy. “It’s great”, “I Have it standing on repite”, “Buzova – umnichka, and she was lucky to have a sister, I jump for it”, “Let Olga and further pleases us” – discussed members of Anna.

      In turn, Olga Buzova made it clear that they could not come to terms with Lubomyr.

      “In each of our lives there are contradictions and stupidity, which is already going to be impossible to glue your fragile and broken love. I believe that everything that is done in your life, all the better. I hope that this song will become the anthem of couples who will keep their pure love, despite all the hardships of a relationship and will carry her through life” – this post made Olga on Instagram.

      Recall also that this weekend Olga Buzova decided to radically change in appearance. TV presenter, ex-blonde from the first series of “House-2” unexpectedly for many has become a brunette. Fans were surprised by the image of the celebrity, however, agreed that really suits her new hair color. Olga Buzova dramatically changed hair color