Sister Olga Buzova preparing for the wedding

Сестра Ольги Бузовой готовится к свадьбе
Anna Buzova tried on a wedding dress.


A post shared by Anna Buzova (@annabuzova) on Nov 7, 2017 at 11:31pm PST

While Olga Buzova is experiencing not the best period in his personal life and wins the stage, her sister Anna, it seems, wants to get married. The girl has always enjoyed success in men, not surprisingly, looks bright and angelic nature. Few people remember, but Anne also tried to find true love on the reality show “Dom-2” in 2006. But very quickly disappointed in telestroke and left the project.

With her civil husband Constantine Anna lives for several years. Before Anja and Constantine were on friendly terms families with Olga and her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov, always went to restaurants and went to rest. But now all of the meeting Olga and Anna is a hen.

Anna Buzova did not hide that has received a proposal of marriage for a long time. But the lovers had a good life without getting married. Especially when before eyes a vivid example of older sisters: a stamp in the passport will not protect from betrayal.

Photo: Instagram

By the way, Anya has learned from the relationship and divorce Olga. It ceased to publish numerous photos of the beloved in social networks and constantly writing about his love for him. Now it appears in her personal blog very rarely and only back.

Today, Anna is intrigued subscribers photo in wedding dress. She signed a photo: “Intrigue!” Perhaps, she began preparations for her long anticipated wedding day and the first thing attended to search of a wedding dress.