Sister Olga Buzova opened her secret

Сестра Ольги Бузовой открыла ее тайну
Anna Buzova told about the star of “House-2” was fond of in my childhood.

Anna and Olga Buzova

Photo: personal archive of Olga Buzova

Beloved sister of Olga Buzova, which yesterday gave
big solo concert in St.-Petersburg, and today will perform in Moscow,
turned to her with a touching message. In it Anna Buzova told about what
leading “House-2” dreams from my childhood, and admitted how grateful she is to the success of his
the famous sisters.

“Rodol, remember years -dtsat ago
our small but cosy room under the tape on the tape you picked up
the comb, stood up on the bed and sang in the background hanging posters of Britney Spears
and the Backstreet boys… Told you I would be a singer — says Anna Buzova. — I
watched and laughed. Because of their youth, I say to you: “Dream on!”
Who would have thought that such a fragile, bright, kind, sincere, true
girl would achieve such heights in show business, where, in my opinion, the priority is not
these human qualities.

When I first heard your song, I cried. It
touched me to the core. An invisible wall that you are protected — people
able to see in you what I see. People
who appreciate you in the first place as a person. People are able to distinguish
present from falsehood. It’s your people. I am in the midst of your people. Always there, always