Сестра Ольги Бузовой развеяла слухи о разрыве с любимым Anna rests with the chosen one. The younger sister of Olga Buzova went to a romantic trip with Constantine in Thailand. Apparently, the couple having a good time. Fans were convinced that in my personal life girls all is well.
Сестра Ольги Бузовой развеяла слухи о разрыве с любимым

In early April, followers sisters leading reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova Anna was concerned that her microblog pictures disappeared with her lover, Constantine. Subscribers never stopped to ask the girl, what is the reason, but she kept silent. She recently published a picture, which calmed the fans. At the happy faces of the lovers can say that their relationship prevails idyll. Anna escorted the three smilies in the form of hearts, which was another proof of strong feelings between young people.

This frame has dispelled all doubts of users on the Network. “A lovely couple”, “Beautiful male Ani”, “What pretty. Happiness to you, Ann, happy birthday. Health, happiness, peace”, “Anna! You are a wonderful person! Devoted and loving sister, a gentle and beautiful girl, honest and smart person! Always be so,” wrote a follower.

The pair is now resting in Thailand. That’s where they decided to go to celebrate the birthday of Anna. The girl enjoys spending time at the resort. She’s glad she managed to find time to relax and escape from everyday worries and enjoy the company of each other.

“I love Asia. Ever been to Thailand so many times, flew for the first time in the summer. Weather: unfortunately, here it’s all extremely unpredictable. It was just an amazing Sunny day, but just for a moment, everything can change. So that fans of the hot, scorching-sun – Phuket in the summer definitely not for you. Well, we so good that even torrential rains can’t spoil the mood,” – wrote Buzova.

Sister of the famous TV presenter is trying to speak less about his personal life. She prefers to leave the details of the relationship with a lover to yourself. Unlike Olga, Anna, tells everything to the General public.

“I don’t belong to the show business, don’t advertise my personal life, and show as much as consider it necessary”, – said the girl.