Sister of Vera Brezhneva gives birth to Alexander Tsekalo third child

Сестра Веры Брежневой родит Александру Цекало третьего ребенка

Alexander Tsekalo will soon become the father of many children.

According to reports from several sources, the producer and his wife Victoria dumplings are expecting the birth of their third child.

Reviews about the pregnancy of the younger sister of Vera Brezhneva yet no one gives, but the environment of the pair is confident that Vick is in the fourth month.

“Sasha and Vika have always dreamed of a big family, to the laughter of children filled their home near Moscow, – tells a press friend Victoria Igor. – The eldest daughter of a pair of Sasha’s in school, and the youngest son Misha is only 4 years old, but he already feels, and reads. The kids have been asked of the parents has a brother or sister. And suddenly their dream will come true.”

Igor also noted that she changed her style of clothing and began to wear clothes mostly loose cut. In addition, the wife of Alexander Tsekalo often began to see in the hospital “Lapino”, where many celebrities give birth.