Sister of Vera Brezhnev boasted a slender figure after childbirth

Сестра Веры Брежневой похвасталась стройной фигурой после родов Apparently, the wife of Alexander Tsekalo gave him the baby. In the microblog of Vera Brezhneva has photos of her relatives, which she captured in a stylish bodycon dress. Users of social networks found that Victoria dumpling looks great.
Сестра Веры Брежневой похвасталась стройной фигурой после родов

In November it became known that in the family producer and actor Alexander Tsekalo will happen soon replenishment. “StarHit” managed to find out that the wife of the worker of show business Victoria Galushka, who is also sister of Vera Brezhnev, is going to become a mother for the third time. Happy parents, who rarely share the details of your personal life, do not hurry to announce the good news to the public. Apparently, Victoria gave her husband a charming baby. This is evidenced by her photos appeared in social networks.

In the picture published in the microblog Vera Brezhneva, star and her sisters pose in front of nature. Women dressed in light summer outfits, look very happy and contented life. The actress also shared her emotions from the long awaited stay with relatives.

“Waited a whole year. Time with family is priceless,” shared the celebrity.

Visit one of the sisters of Vera Brezhnev in Instagram appeared a group photo with family and friends. By the way, in the shot of the mother of the famous singer Tamara dumpling. Many fans of the famous actress noted that her parent, which this year was 65 years old, looks amazing.

We will add that “StarHit” first wrote about the upcoming replenishment in the family of Alexander Tsekalo and Victoria Dumplings. In the early period of pregnancy the wife of a famous producer chose to hide his interesting position from the public: Victoria chose a voluminous outfits, not emphasizing the waist.

According to sources from the environment Tsekalo and Dumplings, always wanted a big family. “Eldest daughter a pair of Sasha’s in school, and the youngest son Misha is only 4 years old, but he already feels, and reads. The kids have been asked of the parents has a brother or sister. And suddenly their dream will come true” – said “StarHit” friend Victoria Igor.

Earlier in an interview, Alexander Tsekalo admitted that in awe of the talents of his beloved wife. The producer said that his wife is a wonderful hostess who knows how to create comfort. As said the figure of show-business, Vic worked on the design of the suburban family home, and he was the sponsor of the project. According to Tsekalo, he lets the choice to the second half.