Сестра Иосифа Кобзона: «Я чуть в обморок не упала, узнав о коме» Helena Mikhailovna commented on the rumors about the dire state of his brother. She noted that Joseph Kobzon is undergoing tests at a medical facility, but nothing threatening his life.
Сестра Иосифа Кобзона: «Я чуть в обморок не упала, узнав о коме»

Within a few days, fans and colleagues literally pray for the health of Joseph Kobzon. The artist is in one of medical institutions of Moscow, but no details about his condition were not. Relatives say that the reason to worry no, but sources in the press reported the singer fell into a coma. Sister Kobzon and Gelena M. explained how the situation.

“Joseph, I called yesterday and asked how I feel. The fact that written media is a crime, they are just bastards! How will you react when you on the phone saying your brother is in a coma? I almost fainted did not fall, after this call I was shaking hands and feet. I thought, what could happen? During the conversation I realized that they don’t even know where he is. And how can you write — “last hours”? Good that Joseph did not use the Internet…” — said a relative of the singer.

According to Helena Mikhailovna, 80-year-old artist occasional relapses cancer. Many years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That is why the singer refers to physicians.

Every three months he conducted a survey. Now is the time to do immunotherapy. Due to medical reasons it should be done not in the home and in clinical. The day before he had flu, had to drink antibiotics, the body is weak. But this is not what some media that they failed. We literally “drink the blood”, our older brother, 86 years old, and when you call him with such questions, imagine that person going through?” said sister Kobzon.

Recall that Kobzon had already had two operations in 2004 and 2009. Periodically, the artist complains of heart problems. Recently a video, I can barely stand on my feet, thrilled his fans. However, the actor argues that it is creativity and loyal fans give him the strength to continue to live. “I then said that if I don’t go to a doctor and undergo treatment, you will die in two weeks. I just didn’t have a choice, and we went to Germany for two months. While there, I thought, can ever again to sing. If not, then life was meaningless. I wanted to go on stage,” explained Kobzon reason why he started to treat Oncology.

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