Sister of ex-wife Whitney Houston will reveal secrets about the death of a star and her daughter

Сестра экс-супруга Уитни Хьюстон откроет тайны о смерти звезды и ее дочери Leola brown is going to release a book that will tell the true causes of death of the famous singer and her daughter Christina. The author believes that the result misses the important details and doesn’t want to reveal these two cases.
Сестра экс-супруга Уитни Хьюстон откроет тайны о смерти звезды и ее дочери

In 2012 all fans of the lyrical compositions are shocked by the news of the death of Whitney Houston. Her body was found in the bathroom in a hotel room Beverly Hilton in Beverly hills, where she was staying. During the investigation it was found that the star drowned in the water. Besides, her blood was found drugs.

Three years later, the daughter of singer Christina Bobby brown died under similar circumstances. It was rumored that a long time before his death, the girl was in depression and had used sedatives and tranquilizers. According to some information, she tried to commit suicide. The doctors brought Kristina in medically induced coma, but to save her failed, the brain of the girl refused. The daughter of Houston died in the hospital.

Leola brown, sister of the former husband of Whitney, has written a book, which told that the star of the pop scene and her daughter were killed. “Can’t wait when the world will see my book. All will finally learn the truth. I really want to see justice prevail and the guilty were punished!” – Leola wrote in his microblog.


According to aunt Kristina, during the trial no one even began to consider the version that Whitney Houston and her daughter were killed. The police were always other options, explaining the death of the singer.

“They from the beginning chose drugs as the main version and did not even try to investigate what happened! But the hotel had surveillance cameras, and they filmed the man entering the last room in the Whitney. Many will be shocked what I will tell, but I just have to do it!” – added Leola.

The author has also tried to understand what actually happened to her niece Christina. It was assumed that her death could be guilty Nick Gordon, her brother and boyfriend. The court received the claim, according to which young man the girl had caused “substantial physical damage”, and then went to the ATM and took her Bank card 11 thousand dollars. The incident happened on the eve of suicide brown. Subsequently, all alarmed by the information that Nick was the first who found Kristina unconscious and called the doctor. He admitted all charges he denies.

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