Sister of Evelina Bledans landed in jail

Родная сестра Эвелины Бледанс угодила в тюрьму A woman will serve a sentence for a serious crime. 39-year-old Diana Bledans three years will spend in prison for smuggling potent substances. A relative of the famous TV presenter caught red-handed during crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border in November last year.
Родная сестра Эвелины Бледанс угодила в тюрьму

Sister of Evelina Bledans Diana the next three years will hold in a General regime colony. Such punishment 39-year-old woman took out court of the city of Krasny Sulin, Rostov region, accusing the relative of a famous TV presenter in the smuggling of psychotropic substances.

Last fall Diana Bledans was arrested while crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border – the personal belongings of the women were discovered powerful drugs. In March, the investigators completed the investigation and referred the case to the court, who yesterday admitted Bledans guilty. Information on the verdict posted on the website of the Prosecutor’s office in Rostov region.

“The court has found that the 39-year-old accused in November last year, was detained by customs officers while trying to move across the border of the Russian Federation tablet containing a potent substance tramadol, total weight of more than 9 grams. Krasnosulinskiy district court found Bledans guilty of incriminated act and appointed her a sentence of 3 years imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of General regime”, – stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office.
Родная сестра Эвелины Бледанс угодила в тюрьму

The verdict has not yet entered into force and may be appealed. It should be noted that the article under which accused Diana Bledans, provides for punishment of imprisonment up to seven years. However, the judge reduced the sentence given the defendant’s remorse and the fact that she is seriously ill. As you know, the younger sister Evelina Bledans serious health problems – brought on by hepatitis the woman developed cirrhosis of the liver. Sister of Evelina Bledans about a serious illness: “I’m desperate”

Родная сестра Эвелины Бледанс угодила в тюрьму

Recall that the TV presenter for many years did not communicate with his sister – in women, a common father, but different mothers. In a television programme star was told that in the childhood turned her against Diana, so she never had a desire to see a relative. Actively help Diana Evelina began after the meeting that they staged “the Secret to a million.” Then Evelina Bledans invited sister living in Yalta, to stay in her suburban mansion. In parallel, the presenter announced a fundraiser for Diana’s treatment, and New year personally drove her to drugs in the Crimea.

Last time, in recognition of Evelina Bledans, she communicated with her sister by phone on the eve of Easter, but she said nothing to her about the problems with the law.