Сестра Нюши стала олимпийской чемпионкой Russian athletes took the first place. Nyusha’s sister Maria Shurochkina was in the team of Russia in synchronized swimming and perfectly executed program. The whole country congratulates the girls on their deserved victory.

      The sister of popular singer Nyusha Maria Shurochkina included in the Olympic team of our country in synchronized swimming. Today the team of Russia in group competition, won the gold medal. The whole country congratulates the girls who managed to become the best in their sport. The girls showed all their skills and to impeccably perform the program, gaining the highest scores.

      Now in Rio de Janeiro is the singer Nyusha, who specially traveled to Brazil to be with his sister at such a crucial moment. Along with the rest of the audience, the artist was very concerned for the athletes and dreamed that the entire performance was perfect. The fans cheer and congratulate the Russian synchronised swimming team with the deserved victory. Nyusha left Russia for sisters

      “As they train! Even a shred of doubt, they are gold! And you nyushen’ka, so good that we were able to come and cheer for ‘ em!” “The performance is left to chance. The swimwear is awesome! The room goosebumps! Girls molodchinki! Trainers on top!”, “Hooray, “gold”! Our mermaids can’t win, molodchinki” – not hiding delight wrote dedicated fans who breathlessly followed the performance of the Russian athletes.

      Maria’s first time taking part in the Olympic games. After news of the rejection of the Russian athletes was in question and her participation in the prestigious event. In interviews Shurochkina said she to the last moment kept a positive attitude and tried not to watch the news which talked about the removal of athletes from participation in games. The girl was very important that the whole family supports her and is nearby.

      Now when all your worries behind, Maria can fully feel the taste of victory.

      “Too hard to tell how much was invested hard work, heavy of overcoming oneself, patience, muscle, joint, emotional, headaches… Oh, words cannot Express. And so nothing can pass. The program is called “Prayer,” which was delivered with great emphasis on emotions and feelings. Today is the day when we will unite all covered for four years. Left nothing at all, but at the same time left the most important thing. Very much count on your support. And let the heart of the whole of Russia will beat in time with ours,” wrote the athlete just a couple of hours before the competition.

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