Sister Natalia Friske: “still live, as in a nightmare”

Сестра Фриске Наталья: «До сих пор живу, как в страшном сне»
Two years ago Jeanne.

Сестра Фриске Наталья: «До сих пор живу, как в страшном сне»

Natalia Friske

Photo: @friske_natalia (Instagram Natalia Friske)

Zhanna Friske

Photo: @friske_natalia (Instagram Natalia Friske)

Today marks two years since, as was not wonderful
singer Zhanna Friske. Friends and family stars sadly thought about what a bright person she was. Native
sister of the actress Natalie says that still can’t believe
incident. “My dear sister, my girl, — sadly says Natalia. —
They say time heals, but every day only gets worse, harder
to breathe. I think about her, why her? Why she’s no longer with us? Today
in 22 hours 7 minutes it will be 2 years since her heart stopped beating. Still live in
a nightmare. Each time I hope that it was just a dream… I miss and love you.”

By this time the family of the singer after months of agonizing war reigned
the relative peace. At the end of may Dmitry Shepelev made
the family of Jeanne Friske gift: the parents of singer finally met up with Plato.
The meeting was held at the weekend. As expected, the meeting was held in
the presence of a representative of the guardianship authority and a bailiff and security.

Parents and sister Friske and Shepelev four years
Plato came together at the circus. The boy was pleased grandmother
grandpa and aunt warm greeting. Despite fears of Vladimir Kopylov,
Plato has not forgotten them and was very happy to see their relatives.