Сестра Меган Маркл попала в «черный список» полиции Скотланд-Ярда

Sister Meghan Markle Samantha for a long time causes mixed feelings among the public. She tries to attract the attention of the Royal family, which she did. Is ka she wanted to. Samantha in the “black list” of the police Scotland Yard.

As reported by the Times U.K., the police of Scotland Yard brought the cousin of the Duchess of Sussex in the “list of fixed individuals” whose actions are unpredictable and can threaten the reputation of the members of the Royal family. “She does not commit criminal offences, but is of concern to the Royal family. After all, Samantha has a big potential to big to embarrass the royals. By doing so she can lead the headlines of the tabloids. And, let’s face it, it already is”, — said the representative of Scotland Yard.

As inherent in the father Markle, Samantha did not understand why it was added to the list. “Well, it’s just funny. What kind of reputation risk at all is it?” according to Markle’s sister.

We will remind, already a year do not stop the attacks of father Thomas and sister Samantha on the Duchess. Saying that trying to find ways to reconciliation, relatives of the Markle pour it with dirt and tell you not what wanted to hear herself Megan. After another interview with Thomas it poured a lot of dirt because of broken promises to shut up. The father decided to stand up Samantha, which again condemned sister.

“It’s time for Megan to start behaving as a humanitarian with a kind and compassionate heart. But if she can’t do it with our own father, then she is not capable… Thomas has given an interview only because she betrayed him. Stop sucking up and take off your rose-colored glasses,” writes Samantha on Twitter.

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