Sister Megan Markle decided not to spoil the reputation of female relatives

Сестра Меган Маркл передумала портить репутацию родственницы

American actress Meghan Markle, who stars in the series “Force majeure”, many are called almost the wife of Prince Harry. The couple really spends a lot of time together and no longer hiding from prying eyes, not hiding his affair. Informants tell us that Harry has made Megan an informal proposal of marriage, which she, of course, said Yes. Now it remains for small – to translate the aspiration of Harry from informal level to formal and finally get married with a decent girl. Friends and those close to Megan say she’s incredibly kind, sympathetic, compassionate person, but her half-sister until recently had the opposite opinion.

Half-sister Megan 52-year-old Samantha Grant wanted to publish a book in which he threatened to reveal the whole ugly truth about the relative.

Sister Megan is sure that the actress is not as simple as it seems at first glance and are willing to literally do anything for their own career and wealth. However, Samantha and earlier in an interview with a very unflattering comments about Megan. She claimed that she does not communicate with his own family, very self-absorbed and quite selfish.

Samantha’s mom admitted to reporters that in fact her daughter all my life been jealous of Megan, because now, when she almost joined the Royal family, Samantha wants to strike where it hurts and destroy her reputation.

Perhaps a Grant to do it still fails. Today it became known that instead of trying to “expose sister”, Samantha will write a book about himself: “I just wanted to leave a mark in literature. The book is positive and it is about me,” Grant told reporters.

Why Samantha decided to write about the sister, it is obvious to many. Not without influence from the Royal family, particularly Prince Harry, who stood up for his beloved.