Сестру Мэрайи Кэри обвинили в проституции The woman was detained by police in Saugerties of the state of new York. Alison Carey has placed ads for erotic services, accompanying them with lines from a song of his famous relative. The guards had to introduce customers to prevent such activities.

      55-year-old sister of pop diva Mariah Carey Alison arrested in Saugerties of the state of new York for prostitution. According to police, the woman placed an ad on the provision of sex services on one of the sites for adults.

      In their advertising Alison did not hide the fact that she is the sister of internationally known actress. Ad she was accompanied by quotes lines popular in 1995, Mariah Fantasy songs. 55-year-old woman described “an attractive girl who is looking for guys who dream about entertainment and the world of pleasure.” Two similar advertising messages were published earlier, in late July and mid-August.

      In order to keep Alison, the police had to introduce myself to customers. After transfer of money the elder sister of the singer Carey was charged. However, custody can get bail in a thousand dollars. It is still unclear whether the famous singer to help his close relative. It is reported that the feud in the family artist sister began a long time ago, and now they do not communicate. In mid-March, Alison was in the hospital. Brother tried to reach out to Mariah for help, however, according to him, Cary left the request unanswered.

      Mariah herself is now busy preparing for their own wedding. The actress has not yet announced when it intends to go down the aisle with her partner, a major Australian businessman James Parker. About the novel the singer’s billionaire public speaking in 2015, just two months after her divorce from her husband Nick cannon. The pop star has two children from previous marriages. James also had two divorce. In late January, the cannon made a proposal of marriage to his sweetheart and has received full consent from Mariah to tie my life with him.

      Now deciding the fate sisters Cary. It is likely that the woman already had contacts with any men before his arrest. According to journalists, Alison has long been diagnosed with HIV. According to the publication, Dailyfreeman, the police advised all those who have used the services of Alison, be sure to go to the doctors to check your health.

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