Сестра Кейт Мосс стала лицом Bulgari

For several seasons the Ambassador of the brand Bulgari, was a British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Now brand found her replacement in the person of a younger sister Kate moss Lottie young. The girl will advertise the accessories brand Bulgari Bulgari and Bulgari Serpentic.

Obviously, this season Bulgari relies on the youth, because the brand Ambassador was chosen this model. By the way, this can be seen in the choice of the photographer who was doing a new promotional photo shoot with the participation of Lottie. They became Michael Avedon — the son of Richard Avedon, a legend in the fashion world.

The brand reported that moss and Avedon have been working together and, according to Lottie, she was allowed “to make changes to shooting and to be creative”.

Informed Kate moss has opened a modeling Agency named after himself.