Sister Jeanne Friske told about a valuable discovery in apartment of the singer

Сестра Жанны Фриске рассказала о ценной находке в квартире певицы
Family of the actress have arranged an evening in memory.

Photo: @friske_natalia Instagram Natalia Friske

The family of Jeanne Friske staged a “day of remembrance” in her apartment in Central Moscow. Sister, mother and friend artist met together to support each other and share pleasant memories of Jeanne. Relatives gathered in the apartment in the morning and went late in the evening. All this time they saw a unique photo, the existence of which could not even imagine.

Natalia told that the apartment of Jeanne they have found albums with archival images. Family star was sure they were burned in the fire that occurred in 2008 on the territory of their country house. But as it turned out, these materials are preserved, which, of course, were very happy sister and mother Friske.

“Arrived today to visit our Little girl… mom was sorting pictures. Hours from 12 to 21 without stopping sat thinking, talking… and the feeling that she was near us. Found so many pictures of our baby! Even thought they were… (thought all the photos and videos burned in the bath in 2008), but no! And I’m very happy this” — said Natalia.

By the way, informed the family of the singer has declared its intention to open in the apartment of Jeanne’s Museum, but while this plan was not implemented. Recall that Jeanne had not been in the summer of 2015, and her family still can not believe what happened. On the anniversary of the death of actress Natalia talked about the fact that life after the departure of his beloved sister was like a bad dream. “They say time heals, but every day is worse harder to breathe. I think about her, why her? Why she’s no longer with us? — written by Natalie in social networks. — Still live, as in a nightmare. Each time I hope that it was just a dream… Really miss and love!”