Sister Jeanne Friske seeking solace in things sisters

Сестра Жанны Фриске ищет утешение в вещах сестры Natalia from time to time goes through the wardrobe. Relatives of Jeanne Friske has kept the clothes she wore, and thus try not to lose memories of the artist. For three years, they try to not even open the cupboard where you store your outfits.
Сестра Жанны Фриске ищет утешение в вещах сестры

Singer Zhanna Friske died in mid-June, 2015 after a long battle with a brain tumor. The artist is survived by his son Plato, whom she gave birth to TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. Many fans are constantly reminded of the artist – ‘ve been relistening to her songs and watching clips. Also some people follow the life of her younger sister Natalia, with which Jeanne was very similar. She often publishes photos of the singer and shares pleasant memories. As it turned out, recently Natalie was going through his sister’s clothes and some items of her wardrobe with pleasure tried on on themselves.

“When you put on things sister, I have a feeling that she was next to me. We have the wardrobe that we have not been open almost three years now, to not erode the smell of her. When I go to Jeanne in an apartment, I always remember all things and recall things we bought together, something she used to let me wear,” recalled Friske.
Сестра Жанны Фриске ищет утешение в вещах сестры

Natalia also asked subscribers if they would like to see the apartment of Jeanne – she will have the opportunity to show it live. Many fans supported this idea. “Yes, Natalia – memories are sacred! We will wait”, “I Sure do! Jeanne was for me the best singer and as a person. I loved her songs, loved to watch her when showed on TV. Movies with her presence still watch and sometimes even tears come from the fact that what’s left of it”, “Yes, of course. All remember and love. And about things will tell you, of course, wear and remember all the best moments” – shared the opinion of the followers.

Сестра Жанны Фриске ищет утешение в вещах сестры

And if all things are in the possession of the family of Frisco, with assets is somewhat different. Dmitry Shepelev spoke to law enforcement agencies to hinder the sale of the car belonging to Jeanne. As it turned out, father Vladimir Borisovich decided to part with the car, 2013 issue and buy a new one. Close Zhanna Friske clash over machine singer

The singer and TV presenter was a house in the suburbs. According to Olga Vladimirovna, her grandson Plato somehow believes that they want to take property. However, grandparents are willing to part with a portion of property owned by them in favor of the boy.