Sister Jeanne Friske has shared footage from her apartment

Сестра Жанны Фриске поделилась кадрами из ее квартиры Natalia posted a touching picture, which looked at photographs from the past. The girl told me that at this moment, she felt the presence next to Jeanne. Relatives of the singer is considered a children’s album sisters all day.
Сестра Жанны Фриске поделилась кадрами из ее квартиры

Zhanna Friske was not more than two years ago. Sister Natalia, mom and dad of the singer still can’t accept the loss. Relatives of the actress found the album that miraculously survived the fire. Natalia shared her experience of photos from the past.

“I came today to visit with her mother, assorted pictures hours from 12 to 21 without stopping. Sat, reminisced, talked, and the feeling was that it was near us. Found as many pictures of our childhood, didn’t even know they left. I thought all the photos and videos burned in the bath in 2008, but no. And I’m really happy.” – said Natalia.

Netizens immediately reacted to the mystical. Fans of Jeanne wrote many warm words and support Natalia.

“Jeanne will always be with us in our hearts,” “Photo is the best, Natasha, that is. Remember, love, mourn. But there are moments when I opened the story, and here it is. Native people always around, although they are not. But they are close, I know it too precisely. God bless You”, “Everything connected with Jeanne, there is incredible warmth, light, life and just remember her smile,” he comments fans of the singer.

After the departure of Joan her sister tries to devote to the parents as much as possible. Girl shares family photos with fans, and those, in turn, leave many comments with words of support to the family Friske. Fans say that Natalia is very similar to the singer.

After the death of Jeanne Friske family rallied. Sister of the singer, her mother Olga and father Vladimir Borisovich began to pay more attention to each other.

In may of this year it became known that TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev rarely allows Plato to see the parents of Jeanne Friske. But meeting with semeni Jeanne are rare, and that upset mom and dad deceased artist. Vladimir Borisovich hopes that Dmitry will allow as often as possible to meet my little grandson. Natalia Friske about the family meeting with Plato, “it Seems we have learned”