Sister Jeanne Friske had a DNA test done

Сестра Жанны Фриске сделала тест ДНК
Natalie wants to protect yourself and your family against hereditary diseases.

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Friske decided on an important step in your life. She donated genetic material in order to know the predisposition to hereditary diseases.

“A couple of months ago thinking on the subject to check himself and his family — said Friske. — On the day we stopped by for a visit a friend of her husband, whose company does just research in this area, and suggested the family to take a DNA test. The idea is that you do not need to go and take a blood test and only need a hair and a cotton swab just pack in a mailing envelope and send it to their po box. All took less than 5 minutes. Now waiting for an answer!”

First Natalie wants to protect not only myself, husband and parents, but also Plato, the son of her deceased sister Jeanne Friske. The singer took a little over two years ago because of a glioblastoma, an inoperable brain tumor. DNA test for hereditary diseases — it’s the same straws that you can spread yourself and loved ones to avoid trouble. Jeanne was always radiant with inner light, never complained about feeling — and nobody could suspect that it was developing a deadly disease.

The results of the analysis Natalia will surely share with Dmitry Shepelev, the father of a young Plato. Still, the boy is the son of Joan, and his need to protect from possible of hereditary issues with the mother.