Sister Jeanne Friske got a tattoo in memory of the deceased relative

Сестра Жанны Фриске сделала татуировку в память об умершей родственнице

The younger sister of Jeanne Friske, often reminisces about his deceased cousin. Now the 30-year-old Natalia Friske will do it more often, it’s enough just to look at a new tattoo, which she did the other day.

On the back of Natalia was previously geometric pattern, which is now, thanks to the fine work the tattoo artist, turned into iris is a favorite flower of the deceased singer.

About the new body figure Natalia told its subscribers in Instagram, posting a video of the tattoo applied to the skin.

Followers of Natalia noted that he looks very nice. They also asked her whether it was painful to re-tattoo. Sister of the famous singer responded in the affirmative. The girl also shared that very soon will show followers the end result. Apparently, this happens when the skin to recover after going to the master.