Сестра Фриске отмечает кожаную свадьбу
Three years ago, Natalia Friske married.

Сестра Фриске отмечает кожаную свадьбу

Natalia Friske

Photo: @friske_natalia (Instagram Natalia Friske)

Сестра Фриске отмечает кожаную свадьбу

Zhanna Friske

Photo: @friske_natalia (Instagram Natalia Friske)

A touching poem congratulated Natalia Friske your
husband Sergey Vshivkova:

“It’s been since three years, became husband and wife.

We entered into an agreement to store all his love.

I’m not for a moment regretted that chose you.

You changed everything in my world full of meaning all the words.

You made my life happy and meaning was in it for me.

Only ask one thing of God: that it was forever.”

Natalia Friske with her husband Sergey Vshivkov

Photo: @friske_natalia (Instagram Natalia Friske)

The wedding of Natalia and Sergey took place in 2013, which became
a turning point for the Friske family. To their house came, and joy and grief simultaneously. In
April of this year Zhanna Friske flew to the US and gave birth to the son of Plato. But
it soon became known that the singer is terminally ill. For this
the reason she wasn’t at the wedding of a younger sister. The triumph celebrated in Moscow
narrow range.

Until June 2015 the relatives of Joan fought for her life and
supported her in every way. But after the stars did not, relationship
the child’s father Dmitry Shepelev and Friske family became strained. Endless
scandals haunt Jeanne’s close so far. Come down to the fact that Shepelev was taken
son out of the country and does not allow the father, mother and sister of his beloved, to communicate with
child. So Natalia Friske had to congratulate three year old nephew with a recent birthday in absentia, via
the social network.

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