Sister Evgeniya Osina upset with his disappearance

Сестра Евгения ОСина переживает из-за его исчезновения
Recently it became known that sister is popular in the ‘ 90s, singer Evgeny Osin was forced to call the police with a statement about his disappearance.

Сестра Евгения ОСина переживает из-за его исчезновения

According to the woman, already three days do not know where he is. It is worth noting that the singer is going through hard times, he had problems with his legs, as well as alcohol dependence.

Aspen recently the situation discussed in the program “Let them talk”, as he opened the doors of neighbors, and they are addressed to the editor. Reporters saw Eugene in poor condition, he could not even sit up.

All were indignant that friends and his ex-family do not help the singer, the neighbors only assist, putting food near the apartment.

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