Сестра Элины Быстрицкой рассказала о зависти к ней Mrs. Bystritskaya was told of a famous relative on the day of the 90th anniversary of the great actress. According to the sister of national artist of the USSR, their mother since childhood, believed that Elina Avraamovna much prettier younger daughter. The words of her that both girls will remember for a lifetime.

Today the Elina Avraamovna Bystritskaya turned 90 years old. People’s artist of the USSR became famous all over the Union after the filming of the movie “the Quiet don”. As told by the sister of the actress Sophia Bystritskaya, a celebrity since childhood she was an amazing beauty and tough character.

“Thanks to her character, interests, affections I had basic ideas, even principles, which later became mine. This is particularly evident in the war years, when she considered herself old enough – in his 13 years. And since, as you know, sow a habit and you will get the character. My whole life is tied to those fundamentals that are vaccinated in childhood. This commitment is inherent Elina, and behind it and to me, that dedication in any case, it is loyalty to family values. And, of course, she, my older sister taught me to not be afraid,” – said Mrs. Bystritskaya.

The younger sister of actress said that after a successful debut Bystritskaya in movie, she was trying not to show kinship with the star. According to the younger sister, she first had to prove their self-sufficiency. But eventually she resigned and today considers himself one with the people’s artist.

Sophia Avraamovna also remembered that from childhood all friends of the family thought Elina Bystritskaya amazing beauty. Equal among her peers was not.

“It is very similar to our mother. Mother, knowing my children’s reaction, once at the next Ahan some neighbor, said, “Yes, indeed, I am happy, I have one beautiful daughter and another smart.” She could not expect the consequences that come after these words. I for many years believed that I was very smart, and life had to work hard to explain everything, and my older sister, on the contrary, perceiving more acutely in the second half of my mom’s sayings for some time felt insecure,” shared Mrs. Bystritskaya.

A relative of the actress told that really misses the famous sister. Women often call each other.

“Elina, I have it. In Kiev, where we were both born, has the graves of the grandparents on the paternal side Yes, daddy’s younger sister. I recently found me through social networks niece, also on the paternal side, daughter of my cousin, long deceased. I am the niece of a child remember, and she was a grandmother, lives in America. So tradition is not at home, but mostly in memories. It’s sad,” admitted Mrs. Bystritskaya in an interview with “KP”.