Сестра Бейонсе опасно больна
Solange Knowles told about her diagnosis.

Solange Knowles


The youngest, 31-year-old sister of Beyonce Knowles singer Solange Knowles has admitted that doctors
discovered she had a serious disease. She was forced to announce it
as for health reasons, she had to cancel a number of their performances in
including, at a music festival Afropunk Festival in
South Africa.

As told Solange, who three years ago became the wife of producer Alan Ferguson, the doctor, to which she
asked for health problems, found her so-called “disorder
the autonomic nervous system.” This is a very unpleasant and even potentially
life-threatening disease because it leads to a disturbance of the heart
rhythm of the swallowing mechanism, thermoregulation of the body and work different
of the internal organs. Moreover, this disorder tends to deteriorate with

“The last five months I have been undergoing therapy and trying to learn
to cope with my illness. I am very grateful to the doctors and all who helped me this time to keep it a secret that gave me the opportunity to concentrate on fighting the disease. Believe me, I have a hard time… Although sometimes I
it seems that the condition gets better, other days I feel pretty
bad… I can’t find the words I’m sorry I had to abandon
scheduled performances. But I promise you, I will come back on stage and work
missed the concerts,” said Solange.