Сэр Пол Маккартни станет пиратом
The legendary musician joined by johnny Depp on the set.

Paul McCartney

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became known, the crew
next, already the fifth part of “pirates of the Caribbean” unexpectedly enriched
another celebrity. In the movie “pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men don’t
tell tales” will be sir Paul McCartney! What is Paul going to “become
pirate”, was a complete surprise for fans of the film franchise. Who, exactly, will play a former member of the Beatles, the filmmakers are not reported. However,
one of the film’s producers hinted that sir
The floor got extremely important role of the second plan.

Incidentally, a celebrity from the world of music appears on
the set of paintings is not the first time. Recall that in the previous
film — “pirates of the Caribbean: On stranger tides” flashed the guitarist of “the rolling
Stones” — Keith Richards, who played
the role of the father of captain Jack Sparrow.

As for the new movie, before
the appearance of McCartney, the rest of the cast was more than enough
star names. In addition to johnny Depp, we’ll see it in Geoffrey rush in the role
captain Barbarossa and Orlando bloom —
Will Turner. The appearance of bloom, who starred in the first film, explains
the fact that the new movie is its immediate continuation.

In addition, the group has gained another
celebrity: the main villain, captain Salazar will play Javier Bardem. As warned by the founders, this time fans of johnny Depp waiting for
a slight disappointment. In the new film the time of its stay on the screen slightly reduced in favor of
the character, whose role went to Bardem. In addition, fans of the franchise
have patience — premiere of the new movie was postponed, so that the viewers
will be able to see her until July 2017.

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