Сэр Элтон Джон заплатил шестизначную сумму за сексуальные домогательства

Failed 69-year-old sir Elton John to prove his innocence in the case of sexual harassment by a former guard Jeffrey Weniger, and he had to pay a tidy sum to compensate the victim for moral damage.

Сэр Элтон Джон заплатил шестизначную сумму за сексуальные домогательства

Elton John and the security guard

Recall that six months ago, a worker from the British singer of the vile against him is ambiguous charges, claiming that the legendary entertainer had molested him. A few months, if you believe the insiders, the actor has used all his connections to the case became public, but you know, as the ubiquitous reporters love these topics.. Publishing A Sun on Sunday printed an article about John and the victim, and the actor filed for him in court, which, unfortunately for him, lost.

Of course, even now, after losing in the court of Appeal publishing A Sun on Sunday that Elton John denies he is guilty (but a six-figure sum he has paid to the victim).
“This case raised a fundamental question about the free press and about how some celebrities use their wallets and an army of lawyers to hide their crimes,” — said the representative of A Sun on Sunday.
“We have always denied the claim of the other side and continue to do so,” stated attorney Elton and again called the accusations Jeffrey “baseless lie”. But what then is a gesture of Elton in the form of huge compensation to the former guard and the fact that he dropped the charges in full?

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