Sink or swim: the stars of “Battle of psychics” on failure

Пан или пропал: звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» о провалах и неудачах The participants of the TV show on the TNT channel shared stories of life. Sometimes people turn to a psychic with serious requests that they can’t help customers. Alexander Kininov, Constantine Hecate and Jean Alibekov told of the difficulties they had to face.
Пан или пропал: звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» о провалах и неудачах

Many people who believe in the paranormal and the power of psychics, I believe that for professionals there are no unsolvable problems. However, the psychics claim that it is not just faced in life with challenges or fall into situations in which they could not do anything about it. “Strait” talked with bright participants of the TV project “Battle of psychics” on channel TNT. Constantine Hecate, Jean Alibekov, Alexander Kininov and Nikita Turchin spoke of instances when they could not help others, or blamed yourself for one or another step.

Constantine Hecate

Пан или пропал: звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» о провалах и неудачах

According to Konstantin Hecate, he always tried to help people, because his main profession is a doctor. The project participant believes that medicine is not the place for those who have not. He prefers not to talk about work with people.

Пан или пропал: звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» о провалах и неудачах“I did not work to pass the test in the “Battle of psychics” on the trunk. In the end I still made a mistake and of three, found only two. And all because you need to be able to hold their emotions, not to give access to anger and other destructive feelings,” said Hecate.

Like other psychics, Constantine has a ban on certain ceremonies. In particular, he refuses to help people forced to bind themselves another person.

“I’ll never do a love spell. Every person needs to understand that he is able to return his love, I can only explain how to do it, but I will definitely not return. I do not treat people. There are medicine. The ability of healers is a myth. Not going to say anything to those who think that they can get help, but they did not do needs. And remember that I’m not Almighty.” – says Konstantin.

Speaking of life failure, Hecate remembered the first experience of appearing on television. “I was doing a scientific documentary about the testosterone. I was a participant of the experiment. For me, it was a failure, because never in my life imagined myself on stage and especially on some channel. I have not played in KVN, was not leading, I have always been satisfied living in the shadows. And then, because of the circumstances I found myself in full view of everyone. What I experienced after, not to compare with anything. But thanks to that failure, I realized that on television there’s nothing. This allowed us to close our eyes to the fact that “battle of the psychics” is on the Federal channel”, – explained Konstantin “Strajite”.

Jean Alibekov

Another participant of the teleproject Jean Alibekov works in tandem with sister Dana. Male filosofski looks at the life, therefore always appreciates sensible, what to tell the person who applied to him for help.

Пан или пропал: звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» о провалах и неудачах“Any information that I receive, especially when the question asks heartbroken the person should be weighed and assessed me as a psychologist, friend, parent or any other person who cares about asking. Information – it is like a syringe in some cases it helps, in what is a worse poison that can harm. So I know that in some cases, as the needle to the syringe and the hand which controls it, must be extremely careful. Rule considerate friend I have didn’t work when I cooperated with the police. There were such cases when I “walked” according to the information received, the searing physical and emotional pain. It is always scary when dealing with people who for some reason decided that they are gods in their hands the life of another person. Seeing these terrible pictures, struggling with the desire of private revenge, I “dug” with all your insides, heart, soul, grabbing all incoming tails and strings that would help to find this pseudoboa. I believe that peace should acquire every one who seeks and one who is trying to say is,” shared Jean.

According to Alibekova, he refuses to help those who want to harm and pain on other people. “This is the time-honoured way that a circle will lead you to himself, to the anger that was once released you. Do not think that the fate you do not win. Everything in this world is balanced – wished evil, get themselves off or get to your future generations… Correct and correct now. Forgive yourself and ask forgiveness for myself and for someone who when laid you your life. I am very glad that though we are grains of sand in this world, but still have incredible power – with kindness and care as a panacea can cure, fix, correct. Everything is in our hands and hearts”, – said the participant of the TV show.

Jean recognizes that any setbacks and failures force him to rethink what is happening and teach more than victories. On this subject, he remembered a funny incident that happened to him on the date.

“This can be called a “failure”. Imagine love with a person who is so in love with that little understands what he is doing. Presented? Now imagine him sitting in front of the object of his love in different socks. I was so enveloped in a gentle sense that few understood that wear out socks of different patterns. The girl was sweet and considerate, but embarrassment on my part I was not be avoided. However, I realized that I had cultivated “my Princess”. It began with my collection of socks. Elton John collects glasses, Jean Alibekov socks. I have more than a thousand pairs. There are favorite with Spiderman, friends gave. Treat all events as to the lessons, then you, as I have only a pair – set harmoniously and under all occasions,” explained Alibekov.

Alexander Kirinov

Пан или пропал: звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» о провалах и неудачах

The tarragon from the “Battle of psychics” puts a lot of effort to achieve success in life. He believes that he needs to stand on his feet, before having a family.

The tarragon from “the battle of psychics” Alexander Kirinov: “not afraid of Death, fear for loved ones”

Failures Kininov calls difficulties in his career and a situation where he couldn’t help to find a man.

Пан или пропал: звезды «Битвы экстрасенсов» о провалах и неудачах“For example, was Director of the House of culture, but could not, was hard to manage. In the end, swamped, burned out and had to leave. In major failure happened recently: I was looking for the girl this year, but never found, she had drowned in the winter on the Volga. My work is in divination on the cards. Doing everything they can. On the moral and ethical reasons for any money not going to insult the man, whatever it was,” shared Kininov.

Nikita Turchin

Despite the fact that the young mage had already left the project, he continues to help people. Nikita answers the questions of the needy who come to him in social networks.

“There are questions that can’t answer – I still have a few years, but in this case, send the person to the appropriate specialist. All say that it is not necessary to pay attention to the little things, or bumps. The problem given to us is not just. Even if a person dies, it is necessary to find the meaning of life in something else. Moreover, communication with loved ones is not going anywhere. They will live in your heart and memories. The attitude to the difficulties, for one stage that you need to step over and go further,” said Turchin in an interview with “StarHit”.