Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи Some of them complement each other, while others are the complete opposites. “StarHit” chose ten of the most beautiful pair of Russian cinema and show business and found out what secret rules help them to maintain passion in a relationship.
Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи


Perfect date

In recognition of the celebrities, the beginning of their romance was very calm. The couple met at the beginning of the 90s. the First step to relationship did Dmitry: he invited Olga to the theatre “Lenkom” with performance “hamlet”, which played a major role. Drozdov said the same thing: suggested Pevcova to assess her acting abilities in “the contemporary” – in the production of “Anfisa”… Since then, the couple inseparable for more than a quarter of a century.

Dmitry and Olga are raising 10-year-old son Elisha. Despite the fact that the boy still small, parents are actively encouraging him to faith, which unites their family. On Sunday the couple visited the Sretensky monastery.

“In this temple we started to walk as soon as Elisha took the first steps, says “StarHit” Olga Drozdova. – I think he encouraged us to do this. The son asks every time: “We’ll meet in the temple?” Just kidding, that’s the only place where he can see my parents together in broad daylight. And in the evenings the old habit gets in bed with us. We with Dima and not against such a custom. Sundays always put off the case and sent to the service. After communion the must-visited cafes nearby. There is a wonderful library. I’ll check with the owner, you see, and the evening flies by!”


No surprises

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

The couple moved in together 13 years ago. During the marriage, a son Artemy. His successor, Vladimir and Natalia are taught from childhood to be honest and not to make parents surprises. Because they like to know everything in advance, even when it comes to gifts. Vladimir Presnyakov: “sports? Only in bed!”

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи“We with Vova often joke that both fastidious when choosing gifts to each other, – shares with “StarHit” Natalia. – So we simply right to tell someone that hopes to get to the party. For example, once hinted to my husband that I want a fur coat, and… he immediately gave the money. I’m one of those people who at all desire will not squeeze out fake emotions. If a thing is unnecessary, will not be able to rejoice and scream, “What a miracle!” When we happen failures, immediately return them to the store. For example, once bought a wife a sweater that I liked at first sight. But in fact, it appeared that Vova so it is not suitable cut and style. I had to take. And no one in our family is not offended if it happens such an embarrassment! Cherish each other in the details”.


Without control

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

They are together over 20 years and they have two children – a son Peter and daughter Mary. According to Yulia, a strong marriage rests on the full trust and respect to each other. “Initially accepted the rules of the game – never encroached on the independence of the husband, conscious of who he is and who I am, – said Popov in an interview. – We both sign the Lions have a lot in common in the characters. Respect other people’s space and at the same time want to respect mine. In previous relationships was jealousy, attempts to control the movement and circle of friends, the constant questioning, why later returned, who for so long spoke on the phone… Andrei Sergeyevich like that, thank God, no. And I didn’t make the same mistakes against him, and he’s always behaving tactfully”.


Around the world

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

In the summer the couple will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Singer and chief Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation met in Kazan, and the proposal of marriage, the actress got in a romantic setting in Kenya. Unites spouses a passion for travel, so they decided to open the country together.

“We love to explore new places, – says Nyusha “StarHit”. – Both – the beach and hanging out, give us adventure! When traveling, prepare in advance a route: note the local restaurants, read about the national cuisine, choose the tour to learn more about the history and customs. If I spent the vacation with her friends or sister, but now just can not imagine that will fly anywhere without Igor, and he without me. Dream with her husband to conquer the world!”



Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

It is perfect not only married, but also creative Union – Sergey and Anna met while filming the Comedy melodrama “the milky way” in 2015. And most recently finished fourth film collaboration. In “Pushkin. Whiskey. Rock-n-roll” Matheson directed and the main role was played by Bezrukov. The process of creating the painting was challenging… problems always needed to be discussed. Well, that Sergei has one Golden rule – to separate work and home.

“The family imposes on you a liability – shares with “StarHit” actor, artistic Director of the Moscow provincial theater. – It is necessary to pay due attention. I’m resting with loved ones, and therefore have an additional opportunity to restore energy balance, reload”.

Understandable why Bezrukov tends to spend more time with his wife, because Anna is the perfect host: indulge in delicious dishes, created a welcoming atmosphere at home and even in the office my husband in the theater. As notices Sergei, a mistress of all trades. And with a small daughter Masha is a loving father gladly goes to a children’s playroom and walks.


Under one roof

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

The singer and her husband-a businessman – one of the most passionate couples of the Russian show-business. Alexander and Natasha bringing up two daughters – 11-year-old Lydia and 6-year-old Faith. The artist believes that in a relationship, no matter how much they continue, it is important to keep the spark, friendship and… good sex. Natalia admitted that her husband is jealous, because of what their family frequent violent quarrels. However, no matter how much they may have fought the rule was, never to part. Glyuk’oza: “vacation my husband and I took the nurse costume”

“Not often heard from friends: my husband and I took a break, decided a few days apart – says Natalia with “StarHit”. – I think it’s the end of a relationship. Never ran neither to mom nor to friends. If you can live without each other, why be together? Sasha can’t imagine such a scenario. So whatever happened, go to sleep with favorite”.


Out of reach

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

Acting Duo manages everything: to work on several projects to do at home to monitor repairs in a new apartment, go on tour, blogging and more. From the scrutiny of fans, endless calls also need to rest. All the free time Paul and Agatha spend together with children – 5-year-old Timothy and 2-year-old MIA.

“Started a good tradition – once a week for the whole day to cut down mobile phones – shared of agate with “StarHit”. – Decided once came to visit my mother – she has a house not far from Riga, around a forest. There is almost no signal, no TV – a full detox from the hype and bustle. When experienced the beauty of this unity with nature, and realized that I have often switched off.”


Just wait for me

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

Friends of the actress know that if she’s not answering her phone for several days, then is on the set. Work schedule Snacking booked several months in advance, she from morning till night lost in rehearsals. And only the house can afford to relax, because there waiting for her beloved husband Victor Vasiliev and daughter Veronica.

“My husband never goes to bed until I return, – says Anna. – Hour of the night, two, three… always waiting. Even if I’m tired, will listen, give the right advice. Victor I have a very wise, she learned him some tricks! I also try to meet him after the shooting”.


Talk to me

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи

The couple spend a lot of time away from each other: it is removed mainly in Moscow, it is – in his native St. Petersburg. Together with her mother in the Northern capital is their 5-year-old son Andrew. However, the distance does not prevent them to remain a strong family.

Певцов и Дроздова, Пелагея и Телегин: как звездные пары сохранили свои семьи“During the day we are always in touch, exchange messages, – told the “StarHit” Matveev. – If you give them to read to someone, will think we’re abnormal… Our Lisa’s family the rule is simple: do not keep to yourself, share everything with each other – and sorrows, and joys. When you love someone, you want to talk to him about every little thing in the world. A long separation only allows you to save some topics for conversation.”


Step away from the stove, woman

The singer and hockey player happily married for two years. In January 2017, their family – a daughter Taisiya. The mentor show “the Voice” quickly came out of the decree, and continued to actively touring and acting. Due to a busy schedule it is not up to economy. Spouse relates to this understanding.

“The spares, not have to cook, – said the singer. – I would not have time to make him Breakfast at all desire. He gets up early and goes to training. And so every day. In the morning I lay for about fifteen minutes in bed and think: what heroism! After all, he in any weather has to go on the ice, to freeze, to make incredible efforts.”