Singers and Drozdova have shown stepdaughter

Певцов и Дроздова показали приемную дочь The actors were the guests of the program “on a visit in the morning.” At the same table with Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova sat a girl named Alena. In recognition of the star couple, they adopted the stranger.
Певцов и Дроздова показали приемную дочь

Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova have been together for more than 25 years. The couple has long demonstrated the strength of their relations and are an example of faithfulness for many fans. The main joy for the actors is their son Elisha. However, during the broadcast of the program “to visit In the morning” artists introduced the audience to another child.

A girl named Alena actors referred to as a foster daughter. Olga and Dimitri admitted that the latter-day relative accompanies them almost everywhere.

“Alain is our foster daughter. She is very nice girl. Really? have her own family, mom, so no documents, we are not officially issued,” said Singers.
Певцов и Дроздова показали приемную дочь

The girl herself confirmed that she is a frequent guest in the house of actors. Together they spend weekends and holidays, but are not relatives.

As it turned out, Alain was a student of Studio “Picolyte”. Olga and Dmitry was so fond of the first students workshop, now that each of them consider your child. In recognition of the artists they have invested in their training and education of the whole soul, so now very worried about their future.

“This first course was special, this is unlikely to happen again. We are in them all his soul, was given the job completely. So now so much in love with each. A friend of mine said that if I am so be given to working with children, I myself have nothing left. But how to do it without such a return – I don’t know” – shared Singers.

Now Dmitry and Olga not only spend their free time together, but also work in the theatre. However Pevtsova quite often have to leave for a business trip. In the opinion of the actors, a short-time separation benefit their marriage. Rest actors are also used separately because Drozdova loves seaside resorts, and some man prefers active trips and hikes.

“A couple of years ago we went with Elisha, friends and several students on a long journey by car. We had traveled nearly four thousand miles, and talked with ordinary people, saved in tents and bathed in lakes and rivers. It was very cool,” shared memories of the actor.

Fans of the star couple never ceases to amaze harmonious relations in the family. Themselves as spouses are sure that to save the relationship you must respect each other and try to listen to the partner.