Певица Зара откровенно рассказала о разводе с мужем Star tried for several years to save the marriage. Singer Zara argues that the decision to divorce, she and her husband made together. According to her, the family had to face such problem, to solve which was only possible after separating.

      Певица Зара откровенно рассказала о разводе с мужем

      Rumors that the family of the singer Zara and her husband, businessman Sergey Ivanov, all is not well, has long been discussed on the Internet. The couple does not appear together at social events, in the microblog stars more common to see photos where she is depicted alone or in the company of his two sons Daniel and Maxim. The sons of Zerah control of her life

      To comment on the personal life of the actress flatly refused, and only recently made the decision to openly talk about what happened in her relationship with her husband.

      “We divorced recently, – admitted the singer Zara. – It was a very difficult decision for both of us, but it had to be taken. I want to emphasize — it was a joint decision”.

      The reasons for a long silence, Zara explained very simply – she didn’t want a fuss, quite rightly believing that it could harm her boys. Speaking about the divorce with Sergei Ivanov, the singer tries to be as correct. She focuses on the fact that their family was no place for adultery and scandals, they’re just with your spouse at some point I realized that is no longer interested in each other. “For several years we tried to repair our relationship — I didn’t want to hurt the children,” continues singer Zara. – The attempts were unsuccessful and I guess we’re both to blame. In the end, we became strangers to each other, and this, unfortunately, felt our children”.

      Певица Зара откровенно рассказала о разводе с мужем

      After parting ways the couple managed to get to the level of relationship that allows them to communicate with each other for the kids. Sons left to live with Zahra, but see their father very often. The singer stressed that the divorce has cancelled all concerts scheduled for the summer to spend more time with his sons. The boys are in bad need of constant attention and care of mom.

      Having been married twice, Zara does not rule out the possibility of once again create a family. Recall that the first marriage of the singer was with a Senator’s son of Valentina Matvienko Sergey.

      “Can’t imagine being a single woman – Zara said in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. You know, I never said that the main thing in my life is only work or only family. I tried to coexist peacefully, harmoniously. If you ever near me will be a man who will understand and appreciate, so I found the perfect companion.”


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