Singer Zara has revealed the true cause of the divorce

Певица Зара раскрыла истинную причину развода The actress explained why her marriage ended. Singer Zara told the journalists that broke up with her husband in July of this year. Now the singer has found the strength to talk about what pushed her to this decision.

      Singer Zara devotes all his time to the education of their sons Daniel and Maxim. Despite the fact that a few months ago, she broke up with the father of the children Sergei Ivanov, the boys are not deprived of the attention of both parents. Mom and dad are driving along in sections, sometimes Sergei takes the heirs for the weekend. According to Zara, they with the spouse have managed to part ways without conflict or scandal. Singer Zara openly talked about the divorce with her husband

      Singer argues that, in Alliance with Sergey Ivanov was no place for treachery or deceit. The confessions of the actress, she and her husband just stopped being interesting to each other. It was then that she realized that it is not necessary to postpone the divorce.

      “The easiest way now would be to shift the responsibility to the former spouse. But I tend to look for the cause in itself. Probably, the main problem is that I am by nature a perfectionist. I want to have a perfect family. As it turned out, we with Sergey too has different ideas about the ideal,” said Zara.

      The singer admitted that now the main thing in her life is children, so she had to be strong. While the sons know the situation is bad with my parents ‘ divorce, however, according to the artist, someday they will have to explain everything, and she already knows which words will choose to do this.

      Zara is in no hurry to build a new relationship, but it does not rule out that at some point she will appear beloved man. “A woman cannot and should not be lonely. I hope that someday I will again feel in love. The most important thing – not to me and not to think that life is over,” said the actress in an interview with reporters “OK!”.

      At the moment Zara is preparing for a major solo concert, which will take place on 24 November in the State Kremlin Palace. “I’ve appeared on this famous stage, but this time will be special for me and my team of associates. I’m sure that every viewer who comes to the show will not remain indifferent and will find the song in my performance itself at the heart! I’m waiting for you and believe that our voices will sing in unison, and a piece of my soul you will take away!”, – announced the forthcoming performance of Zara, laying out romantic video on his page in Instagram.

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