Певица Зара впала в тяжелую депрессию после развода
The singer told about how they were exhausted and could only lie down.



33-year-old singer Zara has managed to be married twice. And both divorced, as it turned out, was given to the artist extremely difficult. If not current about his second marriage with Sergei Ivanov, the singer is yet ready to speak openly, openly talk about the breakup with her first husband — Sergey Matvienko Zara already finds the strength.

As admitted Zara, conversing with Julia Menshovoj within the TV show “Alone with all”, after his first divorce she went through a severe depression. According to the artist, a painful breakup with Matviyenko has led to the fact that she was down to 44 pounds and almost completely lost interest in life. Most of the time she was lying and simply didn’t want to leave the house. “I was very worried. It seemed to me that I read the book and I never will like it…” — recalled the singer.

The situation was saved by a friend of Zara, which still managed to pull out the heavy States and to invite their mutual friend. It was there that she met her future second husband, Sergei. However, their relationship has developed very smoothly and the only time Zara realized that she met the “right” person. Subsequently they had two beautiful sons, Daniel and Maxim, which the artist very proud. But 8 years later, the fairy tale ended and the couple unfortunately decided to divorce.

By the way, Zara said that after she divorced Ivanov, their relationship has improved markedly. Now the former spouses have no problem finding a common language and get along well among themselves. Largely to this form of communication has affected their joint children, which, of course, rallied Zara and Sergey for life.