Певица Yaxana (Оксана Яковлева) не смогла выносить третьего ребёнка
Oksana Yakovleva, she’s a singer Yaxana, became famous for his dance on the ring road, when blocked traffic and allegedly created a traffic jam.

For such an offense Oksana went to jail.

But in the end escaped a fine because the court did not consider a strong offense in acts Yakovleva.
Moreover at the time of the arrest the girl was pregnant with the third baby, which is later told in the report of the TV channel “Moscow 24”.

But then in the Stories she was filmed sitting in the bar drinking mulled wine. After you told me that she and her husband walked so that he had a headache, and Oksana is not sick because she drank quality drinks.

However, after Yakovlev performed dances on the pole, talking about what is still waiting for the baby:

But, unfortunately, in consequence of Oksana confirmed that the nerves she had a miscarriage, and the pregnancy was not maintained.

“Oksana, you’re pregnant?”

– asked the subscribers in the network.

“I can probably have your personal secrets to tell at all total do not want. I hope for your understanding”

wrote Oksana.

“Why do you think she’s pregnant?”

– “Wake up” others.

“Women for nervous breakdown are often pregnancy is not saved… But to shout it to the whole Instagram not consider it necessary. I think that’s not bragging!”

– closed topic Yakovlev.

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